Alice Tully Hall

Hauser Patron Salon

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A mezzanine-level space suspended above the Morgan Stanley Lobby, the Hauser Patron Salon is Lincoln Center’s most intimate reception space.

Hauser Patron Salon Events

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Starr Theater

Artists, planners, and audiences love this venue for its ambiance, acoustics, and sophisticated technology integrations.
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Och Foyer + Morgan Stanley Lobby

Enchant guests in the contemporary yet welcoming Combined Lobbies, complete with panoramic views of Broadway and West 65th.
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1941 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
125 Reception | 80 Dinner

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Unique Features

  • Located one level above the Morgan Stanley Lobby
  • Suspended balcony over the Och Foyer
  • Outdoor terrace with views of campus green space
  • Built-in solar shades
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows