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Hearst Plaza

Hearst Plaza

If your event calls for an outdoor space that breathes magic, consider Hearst Plaza, Lincoln Center’s newest outdoor venue. Its unique features make for memorable events and iconic television, film, and photo shoots. In the center of the plaza, the tranquil waters of the Paul Milstein Pool and Terrace flow endlessly. The graceful trees of Barclays Capital Grove flank the square, shading guests as they stroll along the promontory. Overhead, the dramatic curves of the sown Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Lawn provide comfortable seating and aerial views of the Lincoln Center campus. All of Lincoln Center’s outdoor spaces are equipped with WiFi access.
New York, NY 10023
38,100 ft2


  • High traffic plaza located at the intersection of The Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center Theater, and Lincoln Ristorante
  • Home to Lincoln Center public programming including Out of Doors and Young Music Makers
  • WiFi equipped
  • Seasonal seating in Barclays Capital Grove can be repurposed for private events
  • Henry Moore's Reclining Figure serves as the focal point of the Paul Milstein Pool & Terrace
  • Barclays Capital Grove and the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Lawn provide surrounding green space
  • English Plane trees provide ample shade in Barclays Capital Grove

Suggested uses for Hearst Plaza

How do I inquire about a date or venue?

To inquire about venue and date availability, please fill out an online inquiry form.

Do I need permission to film at Lincoln Center?

Yes, Lincoln Center requires a permit for any video and photography shoots that take place on the Lincoln Center campus.

For more information and to obtain a contract, please submit an inquiry or email the Venue Sales team at [email protected] We'll need to know the intended date of your shoot (at least 10 business days out), the desired location(s) on the Lincoln Center campus, an equipment list, the size of your crew, and the intended use of the footage to assess feasibility and preliminary costs.

Do your venues feature WiFi access?

All of our venues feature free WiFi network access. Should your event have expanded technical needs, we will provide a direct introduction to Lincoln Center’s IT Department.

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