Your Event at Lincoln Center

Venues at Lincoln Center Film Screening/Premiere

Starr Theater, Alice Tully Hall

  • 1,085 max. capacity
2,580 ft2


  • Two Christie Digital Cinema projectors
  • Custom Swiss Kuhn organ built into space
  • Wood cut from a single African moabi tree envelops the theater
  • Adjustable acoustic banners blanket the walls
  • Continental raked seating plan which offers generous leg room
  • Multiple stage configurations
  • Six star dressing rooms and two choral dressing rooms

David Geffen Hall Theater

  • 2,732 max. capacity


  • Largest concert hall on Lincoln Center's campus
  • Mid-century modern design
  • Two in-house projectors
  • Five star dressing rooms, two green rooms, and one chorus room
  • Furnished artist lounge
  • Multiple stage configurations
  • Built-in risers

Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse

  • 300 reception capacity
  • 180 dinner capacity
  • 250 performance capacity
2,400 ft2


  • In-house theatrical lighting and sound systems
  • Drop-down projection screen and projector
  • In-house Steinway piano
  • Built-in solar & blackout shades
  • Built-in coat room
  • Wraparound balcony with stunning views of the Hudson River and New York skyline
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with South and West exposures
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