Your Event at Lincoln Center

Alice Tully Hall: Combined Lobbies

The Combined Lobbies are comprised of the Morgan Stanley Lobby and the Och Foyer, two distinct spaces which are seamlessly united via a retractable glass wall. Together, the Lobbies form a dramatic L-shaped footprint which is conducive to a variety of events. The recently renovated Lobbies provide a panoramic view of Broadway and West 65th Street and draw in the excitement and activity of the surrounding neighborhood. Soaring to three stories, the glass-enclosed hall features custom furnishings which can be repurposed for private events. The Lobbies are contemporary yet flush with organic warmth: Brazilian mirapiranga wood, Portuguese limestone floors, a sweeping bar of curved marble, and cantilevered ceilings are just some of the unique features. In the evening, as the city lights dim, the space diffuses into a glass jewel box. Whether embraced as a simple, chic backdrop for an event or augmented with theatrical lighting and décor for a heightened aesthetic, the Combined Lobbies provide a contemporary environment which is sure to enchant guests.

  • 1941 Broadway
    New York, NY‎ 10023

  • 9,100 ft2
  • 600 reception capacity
  • 300 dinner capacity


  • 3-story glass curtain walls
  • Acoustically insulated
  • Red carpet entrances
  • Flexible configuration
  • Soaring ceilings
  • Coat room