Your Event at Lincoln Center

Upfront at Lincoln Center

Upfront at Lincoln Center

We are buzz, buzz, buzzing this time of year with graduations, corporate conferences, and upfronts! If you’re wondering, what on earth is an upfront? You’re not alone.

An upfront is a large meeting hosted by the major television networks for potential advertisers and the press. Traditionally held the last full week before May sweeps, the splashy events lead with announcements of the fall primetime lineup, and are peppered with trailers for new shows, Q&As with network stars, and even performances by comedians or musical guests.

This year, Lincoln Center was the destination for the ABC, CBS, and Scripps Upfronts. Jimmy Kimmel was the crowd favorite performer of the ABC Upfront, while Vanilla Ice drew the most laughs at the Scripps Upfront while sharing stories of his time filming his upcoming show, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.

Now that digital networks are also huge purveyors of ad space, they are holding their own kind of Upfront: Yahoo! held its 2014 “Newfront” at Lincoln Center. “Best Day of My Life” band American Authors performed as part of the evening.