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What is Lincoln Center’s policy on placing holds on dates?

We may as a courtesy hold your date of interest for up to three weeks. Once the three week deadline concludes, we will ask you to confirm or release your hold. If you wish to confirm your date, a nonrefundable deposit equivalent to the venue rental fee is required along with your signed contract, and a certificate of insurance.

What kinds of events can Lincoln Center accommodate?

Our venues are well-suited to a wide variety of events including but not limited to:

Concert ● Award Show ● Benefit/Fundraiser ● Film Screening ● Cocktail Reception ● Fashion Show ● Product Launch ● Conference ● Movie Premiere ● Dinner ● Annual Meeting ● Recital ● Alumni Gathering ● Graduation ● Bar/Bat Mitzvah ● After Party ● Seminar ● Gala ● Memorial Service ● Luncheon ● Film/Television/Photo Shoot

How much will my event/performance cost?

Once you have discussed the details of your event with a Venue Sales representative, we can share a preliminary range of costs with you. The more details you are able to provide, the more precise the range will be.

Estimated event costs are comprised of venue rental fees, labor and personnel costs, as well as any additional costs that might be incurred due to the size and scale of the event.

Does Lincoln Center provide an event planner?

No. Lincoln Center management will help you realize your event but we are unable to take on a conceptual or creative role.

What staffing is not supplied by Lincoln Center?

Lincoln Center management will work with you to identify the positions for which we will not supply staff. These positions include (but are not limited to) a stage manager, technical director, florists, videographers, lighting, and sound designers.

Although Lincoln Center does not provide catering services, we have exclusive caterers onsite and can provide introductions at any time.

Is my rental fee tax deductible?

No, the rental fee and any additional charges paid in connection with an event held in any of our venues are not tax deductible. Such payments are not considered charitable contributions.

What marketing and promotional resources does Lincoln Center extend?

All renters of Lincoln Center venues are responsible for promoting and publicizing their own events. However, there are several complimentary benefits included in the rental of our venues. Upon request, we can provide you with a marketing services rate card.

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